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onelda's house cleaningWe provide the best and most comprehensive residential cleaning service in the Denver metro area. You don’t have to have a huge mansion to need a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning! We love cleaning apartments too! Everyone is busy- whether it’s hobbies, family, kids, pets or your job and at Onelda’s Cleaning we think everyone could use a helping hand from time to time. You can count on our house cleaning professionals to be that helping hand! Whether you need weekly, twice a week or monthly help, we can clean with a frequency that meets your schedule! Give us a call today and let us make your messy house a clean home! You can reach us at 720-583-0874.

Green Cleaning Means a Safe Home for Pets and Children!

You’ll be pleased to know that we utilize only environmentally friendly, non-toxic, child, pet and people friendly cleaning products. What good would a clean home be if that meant it smelled like chemicals and it wasn’t safe for adventurous pets and people. We are here to be your cleaning service and that means we want to use the products you prefer. If you have a specific request for a cleaning product that you are more comfortable with, by all means, let us know!

Onelda’s Cleaning Company is Your Cleaning Company!

We don’t think anything should be “one size fits all”, especially cleaning companies! At Onelda’s we strive to be your cleaning company. Not only do we use whatever cleaning products you prefer, but we will also do our best to adapt to your schedule too. That means that if you only need our services for a one time move out clean, we’re here. Need us for a weekly clean because you simply don’t’ have time? Call us, we can handle that! Maybe you just need a once a month catch up clean. We can do that too. The point is, we are here to be your helping hand. Just give us a call at 720-583-0874 and let us know what you need.

House Cleaning is the Perfect Gift!

Valentines day is less than a month away and we pretty sure there isn’t anything better than the gift of a clean home! What better way to make that special someone in your life feel extra special than by making sure their home or office is nice and clean! And better yet, if you happen to live with your significant other you get a little bonus of having a clean house too! Don’t worry, we won’t point that out when we come clean!

What You Get With Onelda’s Cleaning Service:

  • Green, environmentally friendly products
  • Pet friendly house cleaning professionals
  • An experienced team that will treat your home with the utmost respect
  • Fast work from a team that prides itself on punctuality
  • Fair price for excellent work
  • A cleaning frequency that meets you’re needs. You shouldn’t have to work around our schedule, we should work around yours!

We Offer:

  • Move out cleans
  • Weekly cleanings to keep up with just about everything
  • Twice a month cleanings to keep everything looking fresh
  • Once a month cleanings to catch up on big projects
  • Spring cleaning
  • Seasonal cleaning of any type
  • Residential cleaning of any kind. Apartments or homes are great.
  • Office cleanings

Move Out Cleaning

Moving is stressful enough. Sure, you emptied out the house but now you have to clean it too!? Moving furniture, rugs and decorations can reveal dust and debris in places you haven’t been able to reach in years! And we bet your beat from all that moving. Onelda’s House Cleaning Services can handle the messy job of cleaning up your now empty home so you can enjoy your new space- not to mention all the unpacking you have to do! If you’re a renter, utilizing our cleaning service can ensure you will get your deposit back in full!

Weekly Cleanings

Our weekly cleanings will keep your home in tip-top shape, year round. This high-frequency option is ideal for any busy family but we find a lot of single executives using this option too. After a long week of work the last thing you want to do is clean. We are ready to be your helping hand and keep your home or apartment tidy while you focus on what’s important to you!

Twice a Month Cleanings

Our every other week cleaning schedule can keep you from getting behind in any major aspect of your home but you will be left to fend for yourself a bit. Some of our more creative clients set up chore lists for their families so day to day tasks are kept up with between maid visits. We recommend most our clients start with this service since it allows them to clean the parts of the home they want to clean while leaving the rest up to us.

Monthly Cleanings

This is perfect for the home with a very active cleaner that just needs some help keeping up. Our maids can provide a catch-up and declutter clean that can help you stay ahead of the bigger projects that can pile up over a month’s time. We only recommend this option for homes that already keeping up with cleaning but are looking to keep their home at a very high-level of cleanliness.

Judgement Free Cleaning

Our team of cleaning professionals will never judge you for your home or its current state. After all, you hired us because your home was dirty! Some cleaning companies expect you to “tidy up” before they even arrive. You won’t hear that from Onelda’s! We love to clean and we want you to get the most out of our service by not having to worry about cleaning up before we come to clean up!

Where We Clean

We offer house cleaning services throughout the Denver metro area. We cover Englewood, Brighton, Lakewood, Aurora, Littleton and Parker. If you’re just outside the metro area, we can still clean your house! Give us a call at 720-583-0874 and let us be your helping hand!

We know we’re the best in the Denver area! But we’re also part of an association of house cleaning services with companies throughout Colorado. For our friends in Castle Rock or south 470 we recommend Castle Rock Superior Maid Service. For those living in Boulder or north of the Denver metro area, we recommend The Cleaning Fairies. We know that either of these comapnies will provide top level service, just like Onelda’s Cleaning Service does for our Denver patrons.

A Clean House Feels Like Home!

We are cleaning professionals and that professionalism can be seen in every job we do. A clean house is all about the details. Missing a spot or a mess can make an otherwise great house cleaning job seem disappointing. That’s why at Onelda’s we take the time and make the effort to provide you with the highest level of detail possible. While other services charge extra for wiping down the counter or other basic services, we consider it part of our basic clean.

What We Clean:

  • Large appliances (refrigerator, oven, microwave, etc)
  • Major fixtures (ceiling fans, cabinets, counter tops)
  • Deep cleaning floors (includes polishing wood floors, scrubbing tiles, mopping linoleum)
  • Baseboard cleaning (which many companies charge extra for)
  • Windows, mirrors and TV screens
  • Paint friendly wall washing
  • Wood furniture dusted
  • Removal of hair from other furniture
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Carpets vacuumed and edged
  • Toilets and shower cleaning (including the showerhead)
  • Under the bed cleaning


What’s Next? Give us a call at 720-583-0874 and let us be your helping hand!